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Data Value and Creation

Unlocking data's value

The data value creation capabilities allow participants in the EMDS to create value by making IT resources available to its participants. This requires a common means for describing the data space’s IT resources and their associated terms, conditions and contracts, as well as their publication, discovery and accessibility. This may apply to both data services, to data apps and algorithms and to data models and mappings. These capabilities not only streamlines IT resource registration, exposure, and discovery but also supports the creation of multi-sided markets.

Mobility specific building blocks: Personal mobility

  • In-trip RT support and notifications: Provide real-time support servcies during the journey with notifications and recommendations.
  • Billing, payment, and settlement: Support billing, payment, and settling with one or multiple operators and service providers.
  • Booking and ticketing: Support the creation and management of multi- and intermodal bookings and related tickets.
  • Journey planning: Provide mulit- and intermodal trip planning for people and goods. 

Mobility specific building blocks: Logistics

  • Logistics visibility: Establish a comprehensive view of processes of logistics chains; facilitate more bundled and trustful information flows.
  • Clearance: Support clearance between actors in logistics chains, with billing and credit notes.
  • Logistics platform interoperability: Collect data from different LSP/TSP, terminals, infrastructure operators as well as link and provide specific and logistic chain-sensitive data.
  • Transport management: Support fundamental information flows and connectivity in logistics chains for transport management, e.g. based on the Open Trip Model (OTM).

Common, domain independent building blocks

  • Data, service and offerings: Enable IT resource sharing - data sharing, application sharing, and semantic model sharing. Enable multiple types of data sharing.
  • Publication and discovery: Provide a catalogue or context broker that enhances the discoverability of available IT-resources. This is key for cross data space interoperability and therefore needs broad alignment, e.g. with DSSC, SIMPL, and EDIB.
  • Marketplace and usage accounting: Support the creation of multi-sided markets where participants generate (monetary) value out of sharing IT resoures.

Across sectoral data spaces

Support use cases that require IT resources from other data spaces: Data services, applications/data apps, and data models and mappings.

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