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Multi-level governance

The EMDS governance framework serves as the foundation upon which the entire data space operates, encompassing the rules and practices that govern how data is managed, shared and utilised. These rules and practices should be compliant with legislation, ethical standards and interoperability between data spaces.  


Mobility specific building blocks

Focus on data sovereignty, trust and discoverability​: Focus the EMDS governance framework on data sovereignty, trust and discoverability as the key capabilities for data space interoperability and federation of data spaces.

Multi-level governance framework for the EMDS​: Ensure autonomy of the individual data spaces whilst ensuring that they remain aligned with the overarching goals of the common European data spaces. Embrace the principle of subsidiarity, allowing decision-making at the most immediate level.

Balanced EMDS governance framework addressing collaboration challenges​: Take into account the challenging mobility collaboration conditions, including balancing public and private interests, addressing power asymmetries and data monopolies, incentivising cooperation in mobility and logistics, reconciling societal values and financial viability and managing an ecosystem of sovereign data spaces.

Leveraging best practices for data space governance: Build upon the experiences of decentralised and multi-level governance frameworks that are already adopted by existing federated data sharing and data space initiatives.

Common, domain independent building blocks

Adherence to a common EU strategy for data spaces:Adopt, by default, building blocks and processes developed generically across data spaces, rather than devising EMDS specific ones.

Adoption of Good Governance principles​: Focus on representation, transparency, fairness, long-term orientation and resilience and accountability.

Multiple levels of interoperability​: Include the legal, organisational and technical levels of interoperability as integral part of the EMDS governance framework. 

Across sectoral data spaces

Foster collaboration across sectors through multi-level governance to support cross data space use cases through harmonisation and interoperability of the technical grounding for data sovereignty, trust and discoverability.

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