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PrepDSpace4Mobility is actively engaging with its stakeholders and raising awareness about the project’s objectives and progress. We send out newsletters, post on our LinkedIn page, publish press releases and host events. 

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Icons of the Analysis Report 3.1. with the text "Discover the roadmap to the future EMDS!"

27 October 2023

Discover the roadmap to the future EMDS!

For the last 12 months, we have been working on unlocking the potential of European mobility data. And our final deliverable is finally here for you to dive into! Thanks to your active involvement and the hard work of all project partners, we were able to successfully lay out possible roadmaps for the future EMDS.

Our report provides a detailed examination of the EMDS initiative and its requirements to fit the diverse needs of stakeholders involved. It covers foundational principles, technical developments, and business and governance models for a successful data space. Read our full analysis report to get all the details on the future EMDS here. All the info regarding the building blocks for the future EMDS can be found here too.

Or do you want to find out more about the European mobility data landscape? Explore our Inventory report for insights on the status quo of European mobility data sharing. 

A huge thank you goes out to all the project partners that have made PrepDSpace4Mobility a success. Looking ahead, it is time to test and demonstrate the power of data-based decision-making, empowering European city and regional planners. The deployEMDS project starting in November will make available large amounts of data in machine-readable format, improving traffic management, multimodal services and planning.
Are you interested in staying informed about future activities regarding the EMDS? Please get in touch with us to stay in the loop.

Let’s keep on working together to achieve data-driven mobility’s full potential.

2 October 2023

It's a wrap!

It’s a wrap! After 12 intense months, we celebrate the completion of PrepDSpace4Mobility. We are proud to have worked in such a motivated and committed project team pushing for a new era of European mobility. A special thank you to everyone who has attended our events, responded to our surveys, and provided valuable insights and inputs for the EMDS. You can watch the recording of our final event here:;  and have a look at the slides:

Our final deliverable with all the building blocks and a roadmap for the EMDS will be published in the coming days. Follow our newsletter to not miss updates and to find out where the EMDS is headed.

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21 September 2023

All resources right here

All resources right here! Over the past 12 months, we have held events, published a catalogue, and shared valuable information about the future of mobility data sharing. We have summarised it all in one place; explore, learn, and discover it all by visiting our resource centre.

6 September 2023

Pillars making up a data space

We are on the home stretch to finalise drafting what the future EMDS will look like. Secure, cross-border mobility sharing will revolutionise the way mobility connects Europe. Head to our website to find out more about necessary functionalities of a data space before our final results are published.

Icons of the different pillars making up a data space on puzzle pieces
Data sovereignty and trust building block image incl. short description and icon of a green shield

30 August 2023

Pillars of a data space - Data Sovereignty and Trust

Retaining authority and control over European data is essential. Citizens and organisations alike must be able to determine who can access their data and for what purposes. Data space participants must have confidence in the truthfulness and quality of received information, ensuring reliability and adherence to ethical standards. PrepDSpace4Mobility is analysing common standards for managing the identity of participants and capabilities for the verification of their truthfulness. This includes the definition of, agreement upon, and enforcement of data access and usage control conditions.

29 August 2023

Racing towards the future EMDS

The days may be getting shorter, but the outlook for tomorrow’s mobility is brighter than ever. Over the summer break, we've been working on drafting what the future EMDS should look like. Have a look at our latest newsletter to find out what we have been up to.

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Heading "Interoperability" with text "Data space participants need to be able to share and exchange data in a standardised way, both within a specific area, as well as across domains." on an all purple background.

23 August 2023

Pillars of a Data Space - Interoperability

Mobility data is generated in various formats. They differ in the way that data is shareable and reusable, its relationship between data entities, the tech standards applied throughout the process – and much more. The EMDS prevents fragmentation of the data economy by introducing a ‘common lingua’ every data space participant uses. Data interoperability establishes this common language and framework for data exchange, interpretation, and integration. We are working on proposing suitable standards that enable semantic interoperability between participants in a data space.

16 August 2023

Pillars of a Data Space - Data Value Creation

Transforming mobility data into useful information enables new possibilities for generating economic, social, or environmental value. However, this requires capabilities to describe, publish, and discover offerings of data and services by means of catalogues, such as currently similarly provided by National Access Points (NAPs). We are currently analysing common means of describing data services and data service offerings, as well as their associated terms and conditions.


09 August 2023

Pillars of a Data Space - Legal

European data must be protected. The EMDS is to ensure compliance with horizontal legislation, such as privacy, data protection, competition and IP laws and sector specific regulations. It is a delicate mixture of national and EU legal entitlements to data, the ambitious European legislative agenda, and the interplay between the various regulatory instruments. PrepDSpace4Mobility is analysing the legal framework for the EMDS.

04 August 2023

Fresh and new FAQs!

Let’s talk facts! Have a look at our all new FAQs to have your most pressing questions about the EMDS answered.

Icon of a "Q" and an "A" with the text "Fresh and new FAQs"!

02 August 2023

Pillars of a Data Space - Business Models

A data space can be established for a multitude of purposes. Organisations might pursue sharing costs, boosting joint innovation, or might share and exchange data for the greater common good. Data space providers should be able to create and operate the data space environment in a financially sustainable manner. Simultaneously, participants should be able to create, deliver, and capture value through viable use cases. We are looking into multi-faceted business models, that not only encompass business and technical aspects, but also legal and organisational elements.

Green Layout and icons of a settings. Then the heading "Business Models, 101 Building Blocks" and a short sentence about business models.

28 July 2023

Mobility Talks: Mobility Data Space

Can the EMDS make it easier to travel? 🚉🚃 Our project coordinator Lucie Kirstein joined a line-up of renowned speakers to discuss the value of the common European mobility data space from a strategic and a practical perspective. Watch here.

26 July 2023

Pillars of a Data Space - Governance

Data-based decision-making will revolutionise the way mobility connects Europe. Clear frameworks for sharing and exchanging data have to be provided that ensure compliance with laws and putting you in control over your information. Over the summer, we are working on providing clear recommendations for each of the six building blocks needed for a successful data space. The EMDS needs a clear governance framework – a set of principles, standards, policies, and practices that define how a data space is governed and how decisions are made. 

Iconography of a scale. Then headings of "building blocks 101" and "Governance" and a short sentence explaining governance.
Text "Collaborate for impact" with pictures of participants of the expert workshop.

14 July 2023

Collabroate for Impact

And that’s a wrap! Thank you to all participants who joined our expert workshop and gave their insights on which technologies and standards are needed for a successful mobility data space. Over the coming weeks, we will review our preliminary results and explore concrete building blocks for the future deployment of the EMDS. For those who could not attend: Have your market experience reflected in the EMDS by taking part in our survey.

11 Juli 2023

Thank You

Thank you to everybody who joined us during our recent events. Your contributions and involvement are key to make the future EMDS a success. For those who could not attend our second Public Stakeholder Forum, head here to have a look at the recording, and at the slides of the event. Also, a line-up of renowned speakers (including our coordinator Lucie Kirstein) elaborated on whether the EMDS will make our future travels easier.  Watch and listen here.

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Text "Expert Workshop! 14 July 09:30 - 12:30 CET" with an icon of two puzzle pieces."

28 June 2023

Last expert workshop

Before we dive into summer, we have one more exciting event planned for our community! Join us for our expert workshop on 14 July 09:30 – 12:30 CET. We will explore four concrete application domains in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (DFRS, TM2.0, TN-ITS, MaaS) and their requirements. Register here. Together, we can enable a new era of more sustainable mobility. Let's collaborate – let’s make a difference!

23 June 2023

2nd Public Stakeholder Forum

Only a few days left! Join us on 27 June 16:00 - 17:30 CET for our second Public Stakeholder Forum to get the latest insights into the developments for a common European mobility data space.
During the event, you will get the chance to have a first look at our preliminary results on our data gaps and overlaps analysis and possible building blocks for the future EMDS. Register now to be part of a more connected, efficient, and sustainable future of mobility in Europe.

23. Juni
Icon of a data catalogue on a green-purplish background.

14 June 2023

Data Ecosystems Catalogue

Attention all data enthusiasts! Our catalogue of European mobility and logistics data ecosystems is now available to download! Head here to explore more than 260 data ecosystems.

08 June 2023

Save the date: 2nd Public Stakeholder Forum

Join our second Public Stakeholder Forum on 27 June 2023 16:00 – 17:30 CET to get a first look at our preliminary results.

Fair and transparent data sharing requires suitable technologies and standards. The last couple of months, our project team has dedicated its efforts to analyse data gaps and overlaps, and identify frameworks needed for the EMDS. Register now to get an understanding of what federated data ecosystems could look like, which building blocks they call for, and how they can transform tomorrow’s mobility landscape.

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Map of Europe with text: Data Ecosystems Inventory: Filter Update

07 June 2023

Inventory Filter Update

We are introducing two new filters on our interactive map! Visit our website to explore the latest updates and discover the hidden gems of Europe's mobility data ecosystems. 

02 June 2023

3rd expert workshop - Thank You

Thank you for attending our 3rd expert workshop! Your engagement and contributions play a vital role in making PrepDSpace4Mobility a success. For those who were unable to attend the session, we have good news! A recording of the entire workshop, along with all the presentations, has been uploaded and is available for you to catch up on. You can still also contribute to the additional ecosystem inventory overview on our Jamboard (Pages 1-5). We greatly appreciate your involvement as we embark on our journey towards a new era of mobility. Stay tuned for more opportunities to engage.

30 May 2023

The importance of governance frameworks in the EMDS

Governance frameworks are the backbone of a data economy that fosters innovation while prioritising privacy and security. Leona King, one of our project members from KU Leuven, shares insights on how we address governance and legal aspects in PrepDSpace4Mobility. Our expert workshop today gives room for an in-depth discussion on suitable building blocks for the common European mobility data space. See you at the workshop.

26 May 2023

Expert workshop last call for registrations

Four more days to go! Don't miss out on our third expert workshop 30 May 2023 13:00 - 17:00 CET. Register now to actively contribute and have your experience and needs reflected in the future common European mobility data space. This event will offer lots of space for interactivity and sharing your needs and best-practices from a first-hand experience. Join us in exploring suitable building blocks and be part of a new era of mobility data collection and sharing.

repetition of the words "3rd expert workshop. Register now! 30 May 13:00 - 17:oo CET.

24 May 2023

Expert workshop -  Resources

Once again, a huge thank you to all participants of our expert workshop on 10 May. We appreciate your dedication and engagement that will influence our ongoing efforts in PrepDSpace4Mobility. Below you'll find a comprehensive resource package.

Have a look at the presentations, the workshop reports, and the agenda.

Watch the  recording of the event.

expert workshop resources in all caps and purple on a purple green gradient
Microphone with text "your voice matters"

19 May 2023

Your voice matters

Get involved and participate in PrepDSpace4Mobility. SMEs, citizen associations, and public transport organisations play a crucial role in creating a successful data space. Let’s talk. Share your needs and pain points regarding effective data sharing by contacting us now. We especially encourage public transport operators to share their insights into which types of standards and protocols they endorse. On 30 May you can join our expert workshop to learn more about our most recent results, provide feedback, and have your opinion reflected in the EMDS. Register now: Are you a data ecosystem and want to be represented on our map? Please contact us, so we can include you in our list of 280 European data ecosystems: Join us on our journey to unlock the true potential of data.

16 May 2023

Collaborate for impact

Register now for our upcoming expert workshop on 30 May 13:00 – 17:00 CET and make your expertise count.This event is an additional opportunity for you to share your viewpoints on necessary industry standards for and requirements of the common European mobility data space. Our workshop gives room for interactions with like-minded experts from all over Europe and encourages an active contribution. Join us and have your perspectives and market experience reflected in the EMDS.

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A few participants of our digital workshop on the familiar purple-greenish background with the text "Thank you for shaping the EMDS with us!"

11 May 2023

Expert workshop - Thank You

A huge thank you to all participants for sharing their valuable insights at our workshop yesterday! And block your calendars for the 30 May 2023 for our next edition! More than 100 stakeholders from all over Europe collaborated in interactive breakout sessions to reflect on essential functionalities and requirements for a future common European mobility data space. Your knowledge of the mobility and logistics' market needs will be included to facilitate a new era of more sustainable, inclusive, and safer mobility. Together, we are paving the way for a transformative future. Let's keep driving innovating and collaboration forward.

We will use the coming weeks to further analyse suitable building blocks for the EMDS. And we are eager to have you on board on this journey: Let's have a talk. And save the date for our upcoming expert workshop on 30 May 13:00 - 17:30 CET. 

9 May 2023

Europe Day

Europe starts with you. Today, on #EuropeDay, we celebrate unity and cooperation while also looking towards the future. We stand together to tackle the most important issues of our time and build a better future for all Europeans. Join us in making European mobility safer, more sustainable, and inclusive by registering for our expert workshop tomorrow.

Europe Day in big letters and purple with white dots in front of the EU stars in white.
PartnerDay background with logos of bast, MDS and urban institute hungary

5 May 2023

#PartnerDay - bast, Mobility Data Space, [ui!] hu

Our #PartnersDay series would not be complete without our three Associated Partners, Federal Highway Research InstituteMobility Data Space, and the urban institute Hungary. Thanks to their strong national and European networks, they help us to engage with relevant stakeholders in the mobility sector and European data ecosystems. The German Mobility Data Space is further considered a lighthouse project for European mobility data sharing, bringing in crucial knowledge about current technical discussions about the future EMDS.

3 May 2023

Newsletter update  

Exciting news! Last week, we sent out our latest newsletter, featuring updates on our project’s progress and opportunities for you to actively contribute. We value collaboration and want to integrate your perspectives and ideas into our ongoing work. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your voice heard, stay informed, and be part of a new era of mobility data sharing.

Subscribe to our newsletter,read our latest edition here, and contact us directly for an informal talk about necessary functionalities of the EMDS.

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PartnersDay Template with logo of EIT Urban Mobility and a short little sentence

28 April 2023

#PartnerDay - EIT Urban Mobility

EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), is a growing pan-European partnership bringing together businesses, education, research institutions, and cities. Its aim is to facilitate and fund the collaboration between these players to create mobility solutions that will accelerate the transition towards more liveable urban spaces. In PrepDSpace4Mobility, they are responsible for promoting the project’s activities and results, making them public, and supporting the concrete use of PrepDSpace4Mobility’s findings. By engaging with a wide range of stakeholders and creating targeted content, they are essential in bringing about a new era of mobility data sharing. Have a look at their activities by visiting their website.

27 April 2023

Second newsletter 

Collaboration is an important part of PrepDSpace4Mobility. Here are a few ways to actively contribute to our analysis and recommendations on a common European data space for mobility. Also, we are happy to inform you that we have added more than 50 new data ecosystems to
our interactive inventory map for you to discover. Read the full newsletter here

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25 April 2023

Invitation expert workshop 

You are an important part of PrepDSpace4Mobility. We are hosting an expert workshop on 10 May 09:30 - 15:00 CET with our project partner ERTICO - ITS Europe. Join us in discussing suitable building blocks for the future EMDS and help shape the mobility data space to your opinion. Register now, and connect and collaborate with like-minded experts during interactive Breakout Sessions. Have a look at the agenda here.

21 April 2023

#PartnerDay - acatech

acatech, the National Academy of Science and Engineering, brings together science, industry, and civil society. The non-profit organisation provides scientific advice on strategic engineering and technology policy issues, driving innovation in the public interest. In PrepDSpace4Mobility, acatech is responsible for coordination and project management - they are an essential component for our project to run and progress successfully. acatech networks and engages with policymakers, data space enthusiasts, and sector representatives from all over Europe to help build a successful mobility data space. Find out more about what they do on their website.

partner day layout with logo of acatech and a short text
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19 April 2023

Inventory Update  

Major update: We have added more than 50 new data ecosystems to our interactive map! Have a look at all 280 data ecosystems we have identified as of now by clicking here. Currently, we are working on identifying suitable frameworks that support data sharing within such data ecosystems. Stay tuned for updates on how you can get involved and have your say in the development of the common European mobility data space. 

14 April 2023

#PartnerDay - [ui!]

The Urban Software Insitute [ui!] supports cities, communities and regions in their efforts to collect, process, and analyse existing and anonymised data. They have developed an open urban data platform that enables new smart city services in real-time. In PrepDSpace4Mobility, they help analyse, specify, and propose suitable building blocks regarding data value and interoperability, such as data models, marketplace specifications and more. And we handle data with care. [ui!] have introduced measures and guidelines to handle and protect possibly sensitive project information. Find out more about what they do by visiting their website here.

Logo of the Urban Software Institute with the text "Supporting partners in the construction of a comprehensive data infrastructure" and the Partner Day icon and purple-green gradient background.
You got questions? We got answers! text and icons with Q&A

12 April 2023


The future regarding mobility data starts now. 💥 Thanks to the EMDS, safe and controlled pooling and sharing of mobility data will transform European mobility. We've summarised common questions regarding the mobility data space, our project, or how you can participate at this stage from our first Public Stakeholder Forum here.

07 April 2023

#PartnerDay - amadeus

On this #PartnerDay, we are excited to introduce you to Amadeus, a global organisation building critical solutions that improve your travel experience! They provide tools that give access to content, data, and processes, accelerating innovation in the travel sector. In PrepDSpace4Mobility, Amadeus is leading the specification and suggestion of possible building blocks for the future EMDS. Recently, our project partners have sent out a survey to about 400 data initiatives to ask for their views on key governance, economic, technical, and legal aspects of the common European mobility data space. The results will be presented at our second Public Stakeholder Forum in June. Head to their website to find out all about what they do.

partnersday with Amadeus Logo and a small text

05 April 2023

How we link data sharing to legislative acts

Data sharing is a delicate matter - but there is a set of existing and future regulatory frameworks that enable harmonised rules for fair and trusted data sharing. The common European mobility data space is to be built up on that legislation. We examine legislative acts that facilitate or limit data sharing like the Data Act, GDPR, and the Data Government Act and take them into consideration when laying the foundation of the future EMDS. Also, we can count on our project partner KU Leuven to bring in strong legal expertise and identify suitable legal and governance frameworks for trusted data exchange. As such, we included a dedicated section on legal aspects in the survey we sent out to around 400 data initiatives across Europe.

31 March 2023

#PartnerDay - EMTA

Public transport authorities in urban areas are a key player for achieving sustainable mobility. EMTA - European Metropolitan Transport Authorities brings together 32 authorities from 19 European countries to improve mobility conditions of some 70 million European urban citizens. The non-profit association forms a venue for exchange of information, research and experience between European public transport authorities. In PrepDSpace4Mobility, EMTA makes sure that its member authorities and their needs and perspectives are well represented in the project's progress towards a common European mobility data space. Head to their website to find out more about its network and activities.

29 March 2023

Second press release

Halfway through implementation, we have successfully achieved our first objective of creating an inventory of European data ecosystems. An inventory of almost 400 data sharing initiatives was
created by mapping existing data ecosystems in the mobility and logistics sector. 229 of
those are available to be explored on an interactive map on our website here. We have reached out with an in-depth survey and are analysing the data sharing initiatives to find common ground and draw conclusions on suitable frameworks for an easy, cross-border access to key data for passengers and freight within the European Union.

Read our full press release here.

28 March 2023

Data ecosystem survey - last call

Are you a European data sharing initiative? And do you want to have your say in what the future of mobility sharing should look like? We need to hear from you. Take part in our survey by 31 March to make sure that your views on data sharing and collecting are taken up on by EU-policy makers and businesses, transforming tomorrow's mobility.
Click here to find out all the details.

Survey icons with the text "We want to get to know you better" on the project's social media template
Members of the project team in a group picture

23 March 2023

PrepDSpace4Mobility at the DSSC's Data Spaces Symposium

We believe that collaboration is a key factor for developing a successful data space. 🤝 At this year's Data Spaces Symposium, we are joining the largest community of data space enthusiasts in The Hague to jointly work on the future of tomorrow’s data spaces. Some of our project partners took this opportunity to demonstrate PrepDSpace4Mobility's work and boost engagement with data experts and pioneers from all over Europe.

15 March 2023

Peeking into PrepDSpace4Mobility 

Data is probably the most valuable resource of the century, enabling unprecedented opportunities for tomorrow’s mobility. But to unleash its full potential, we need the help of data sharing pioneers. Josefine Morgan explains how data initiatives can integrate their experiences and standpoints into PrepDSpace4Mobility to make European-wide data access in mobility and logistics a reality.

Take part in our survey by 24 March and find out more here.

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Fraunhofer logo with a little bit of text and #PartnerDay layout (calendar icon with holding hands).

10 March 2023

#PartnerDay - Fraunhofer IVI 

It is #PartnerDay! Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI is part of Europe's largest application-oriented research organisation, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. They are working on a wide range of topics related to Transportation and Infrastructure Systems, addressing pressing challenges of our time.
In PrepDSpace4Mobility, they have been working intensely to create an inventory of existing data ecosystems in European Member States. In the coming months, Fraunhofer IVI and our project partners will further analyse the European data landscape to help find common ground among existing and new data initiatives.

Thank you text with pictures of the event's speakers and a heart emoji.

01 March 2023

Thank you - first Public Stakeholder Forum 

Thank you to our project partners and to all 175 attendees who made our first Public Stakeholder Forum yesterday a success! We highly value the feedback and inputs you have provided during our session. We will do our best to integrate them into our project to create a common European mobility data space that lives up to the expectations and requirements of the mobility and logistics sector.

Click here to have a look at the slides presented during the event. 

28 February 2023

First Public Stakeholder Forum 

Watch the recording of our first Public Stakeholder Forum to discover our first results, get an understanding of the data space domain, and learn how we contribute to Europe's economy and society.

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iSHARE logo with a little bit of text and an icon with hands with the title "Partner Day!"

22 February 2023

#PartnerDay - iSHARE 

Today on #PartnerDay, we are thrilled to present iSHARE Foundation to you, an independent, transparent, non-profit Dutch foundation with a lot of data spaces expertise. They bring in valuable know-how in data integration, identity management, and trusted exchange which will help PrepDSpace4Mobility to define future building blocks and help make European-wide access to mobility and logistics data a reality.

Head to their website to find out more.

17 February 2023

Invite First Public Stakeholder Forum  

Do you want to know how PrepDSpace4Mobility lays the foundation for a common European mobility data space? And how our actions will benefit European businesses, authorities, and its society? Register for our first Public Stakeholder Forum on 28 February 2023 16:00 – 17:30 CET (online) here to find out what we have achieved so far and how we help enable a secure and controlled way of pooling and sharing mobility data across Europe.

First Public Stakeholder Forum invite with date, time and the text "Register now!"
KU Leuven logo with a little bit of text and an icon shaking hands with the text "Partner Day!"

15 February 2023

#PartnerDay - KU Leuven  

We are excited to introduce you to KU Leuven on today’s #PartnerDay. The Belgian university has promoted ground-breaking research and high-quality education throughout its existence – and is doing the same in PrepDSpace4Mobility.

Data sharing is a sensitive issue. This is why KU Leuven is identifying proper legal and governance frameworks for the common European mobility data space in PrepDSpace4Mobility. By ensuring compliance with European laws and fair treatment of everyone involved, a new European era of trusted data exchange can begin.

Head to their website to learn more about what they do.

10 February 2023

First Public Stakeholder Forum invitation  

Over the last few months, we have created an extensive inventory of mobility and logistics data ecosystems across European Member States. Now we want to present them to interested professionals and organisations in the field of mobility, transport, and data space technology. Join our first Public Stakeholder Forum on 28. February 2023 16:00 – 17:30 CET to get a thorough understanding of our results so far.

Register here to be part of a new era of trusted and easy, cross-border access to mobility and logistics data.

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Text event recommendation with event title, date, and time.

09 February 2023

LinkedIn - Event Recommendation 

The European Commission is aiming at unleashing the potential of data-driven innovation and values your opinion. Join them by registering for their public workshop on creating a common European mobility data space on 16 February 2023 14:00 - 16:00 CET.

They will cover feedback received during the Call for Evidence, PrepDSpace4Mobility will update participants on the project's progress, and you will be able to provide input and ask questions. 💬

Registrations were open until 14 February 2023.

07 February 2023

#PartnerDay - TNO

On today's #PartnerDay, we are putting the spotlight on TNO, a Dutch based independent research organisation focused on driving innovation forward.

With their experience in facilitating data exchange and developing frameworks and governance models for trustworthy data sharing, they form a vital pillar for achieving our key objectives. In PrepDSpace4Mobility, they are working on finding common ground among existing and new data ecosystems.

Find out more about TNO here.

TNO logo with a little bit of text and shaking hand icon that says "Partner Day!"
Screenshot of ZOOM participants and a picture of our inventory map

02 February 2023

LinkedIn - First Expert Workshop

Developing a successful data space is a matter of the many. This is why we invited experts in the field of mobility, transport, and data space technology to join our first expert workshop on 31 January. Thank you to everyone who participated – you are an integral part in shaping the future of tomorrow’s mobility.

We will use the feedback and expertise you have brought into our session to lay the foundation for a common European mobility data space, that will make European mobility safer, more sustainable, and inclusive.

Have a look at all the mobility and logistics data ecosystems we have identified by now by visiting our inventory page.

01 February 2023

Data Ecosystems Inventory 

Over the last few months, PrepDSpace4Mobility has been busy researching and exploring data ecosystems across the continent to create an extensive overview of the current European landscape. The result is now available - head to the inventory page to discover our map with mobility and logistics data ecosystems operating in Member States of the European Union.

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31 January 2023

Peeking into PrepDSpace4Mobility

We are officially four months into our project – curious what has happened so far? Check out our new video with Sebastian Pretzsch from Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, our project partner leading the data ecosystems inventory, for an insight into the data space domain. We answer your questions about what a data space is, why we need a common European mobility data space, and peek into what we have been up to the last few months.

27 January 2023

#PartnerDay - VTT 

Creating data spaces is complex and cannot be accomplished alone. 17 pan-European partners collaborate closely to make easy, cross-border access to key mobility and logistics data a reality. And on #PartnerDay, we are introducing them to you.

VTT is a visionary research, development and innovation partner based in Finland. In PrepDSpace4Mobility, they are leading the analysis of gaps and overlaps of existing data ecosystems. Click here, to find out what VTT is all about.

Logo of VTT with a little bit of text and an icon that includes the heading "Partner Day!"
Invitation to the expert workshop with title, date, and time.

25 January 2023

LinkedIn - Expert Workshop Invitation

You or somebody you know of are experts in mobility, transport, and data space technology? And you are interested in having your say on the future deployment of the common European mobility data space? Here is your opportunity - join us in helping to initiate a new era of data sharing based on trust, security, and sovereignty.

Join our first expert workshop on 31 January 2023 15:00 - 17:30 CET by registering here. 

13 January 2023

LinkedIn - Data Ecosystems Survey

We are still looking for mobility and logistics data ecosystems in Europe. Which ones do you know of and want us to look into? Join us in laying the groundwork for a common European mobility data space by taking part in our survey here.

Text "Which mobility data initiative do you want us to look into?" with a map and an icon with a questionmark
Text "First expert workshop. Preparatory action for a common European mobility data space. 31.01.2023 15:00 - 17:30 CET (online)" on a purple-green gradient background with an icon on top and a graphic at the bottom.

09 January 2023

LinkedIn - First expert workshop

We are inviting experts in the field of mobility, transport, and data space technology to join our very first online expert workshop “Preparatory action for a common European mobility data space” on January 31st 15:00 – 17:30 CET to learn more about PrepDSpace4Mobility and provide early feedback.

Find more information and apply here.

28 December 2022

First newsletter

Creating data spaces is complex and cannot be accomplished alone. Our first newsletter contains valuable resources for data space creators and participants and gives insights into the project's progress and the upcoming expert workshop.

Read the full newsletter here.

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22 December 2022

LinkedIn - Survey on data ecosystems

Developing a data space that lives up to the expectations and requirements of all stakeholders requires collaboration. Here is where we need your support: which mobility data ecosystems do you want us to consider and look into?

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09 December 2022

LinkedIn - Event recommendation

Sitra is inviting organisations and supporters of data spaces to take part in the (hybrid) event "Data Spaces Technology Landscape 2023 on Dec. 14 09:00 CET.

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01 December 2022

First press release

Europe is on its way to generate and make use of more data than ever. PrepDSpace4Mobility, a 12-month DIGITAL Europe project, aims at contributing to the development of the common European mobility data space by enabling a secure and controlled way of pooling and sharing mobility data across the continent.

Read the full press release here.  


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